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Dave's Travel and Teaching Calendar

I generally spend about 5 months a year in Europe and about 5 months a year based in San Francisco. The other 2 months a year are anywhere. If you plan far enough in advance, there's a good chance I'll be on the continent you need me on.

Every July I am in Sweden for Herräng Dance Camp. Every August I generally need to get to SF because at the end of August beginning of September I am unavailable and need to be in the states. Usually mid-September I am running SFLX, and the end of November I am visiting family. The rest of the year is mostly open depending on what other camps have already taken my schedule.

Contact us if you have any questions about availability since things often change. Here is my current booking calendar with generally availability listed as well, so not all events are for dance classes. If you don't see a calendar below, try holding down the "shift" key and hitting reload.