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David Madison Stellar

Lindy Hop Instructor

I have been dancing Lindy Hop and Swing since 1996 and have been teaching around the globe. More information at:

Blues Dance Instructor

I started Blues Dancing in 2001 and I teach Blues across the world. I teach with a number of partners depending on the needs and location of the event.

Dance Event Organizer

Sometimes I like to throw a party. Of note: Also check out:

Improvisational Actor

I have been doing improv since 2004. CV available at:

Who was Saint Vitus?

Saint Vitus is the patron saint of Dancing (and of dogs!)

Who are you?

I'm David Madison Stellar. By daytime I am a computer geek, but by night I am a dancing fool!
What right do you have to this domain, you godless heretic?
Hey man, eight bucks.