Saint Vitus .com

Who was Saint Vitus?
Saint Vitus is the (Catholic) patron saint of Dancing (and of dogs!)
He also has a disease named after him, Sydenham's Chorea, or Saint Vitus' Dance
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Who are you?
I'm David Ljung Madison. By daytime I program such sites as FDC and AllWorldSoft,
but by night I turn into a dancing fool!
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What kind of dancing?
I started with Swing Dancing, but I'm working on African dances and the Tango
I prefer the connection that couples dancing provides, and the improvisation found in non-formal social dancing. I also really prefer dances that are grounded or sensual, as opposed to aloof or upright.
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What right do you have to this domain, you godless heretic?
Hey man, eight bucks.

"Inspire comedians to make people dance with laughter and so bear goodwill toward one another. Amen."
- prayer to St. Vitus - Dave's Domain hub.

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