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If you knew me growing up, you would be surprised that I'm dancing at all. Dave Ljung Madison was a complete non-dancer.
But on November 8th, 1996 I discovered Big Band Swing Dancing thanks to a dancing friend Corie who showed me and a friend the movie Swing Kids.
Yes - I know most serious dancers don't like the dancing in it, but it fascinated me and it changed my life completely. I knew from that moment that I needed to be able to do this. Corie, my friend and I just got up and she started to teach us how to dance - there was never any conversation or question about whether we wanted to, it was just understood. We danced until four in the morning that night (if you could call it dancing - I had a slow start). We got together the next night after work and danced until four in the morning again. This went on every night for three weeks, when we finally went to our first swing dance. We then danced whenever we weren't working, sleeping or eating. Eventually I moved up from 6-count/jitterbug/East Coast and turned to my true love in life, the Lindy Hop. When I moved out of my house in Colorado, our dancing had worn out a circle on the hardwood floors in the living room.
Since then I have been dancing practically every night of the week. Some call it an obsessive-compulsive disorder, but I can't imagine life without it.
After 24 years without dancing in my life, I have a lot of catching up to do :)

I prefer the connection that couples dancing provides, and the improvisation found in non-formal, non-choreographed social dancing. I also really prefer dances that are grounded or sensual, as opposed to aloof or upright.

"Some people seem to think that good dancers are born, but
all the good dancers I have known were taught or trained"

-Fred Astaire


Partnered Blues Dancing is a direct offshoot of Swing/Lindy Hop, and it came into my life in 2001. I've started teaching blues on a fairly regular basis, you can find more info out at:


Calvin Dancing

other places:

Some local links:

"Lindy Hopping today seems to be mostly acrobatic tricks. The kids don't stop to learn the fundamentals first---they just start throwing each other around. To be done right, the Lindy is mostly footwork, and now there is no real footwork anymore."
- Shorty George Snowden.

"There is no song that is too fast to dance too. There may be a song which, at the moment, you are not skilled enought to keep up with, but that is another metter entirely. So if something is too fast it looks like you need some practice, Jim."
- Frankie Manning

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