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David Ljung Madison Stellar

Improvisational Actor, San Francisco, CA

Height: 6'0" Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Hazel / Brown


DIRECT: U-S: Remote Control Freak! 2019/09-2019/11 David Stellar, Bela Evans, Bonnie Kate Wolf, Brittany Demmitt, Charlie Stellar, Derek Yee, Erica Anderson, Molly Wixson, Robin Whitmore
Un-Scripted: DASH: Swipe Right 2019/02 Clay Robeson, Brad Gottesman, Dave Stellar, Shara Tonn, Jared Abbott,...
Swipe Right @ San Diego Improv Festival 2019/02/09 David Stellar, Charlie Stellar, Jared Polivka, Scott Keck, Dana Cory
Swipe Right @ San Jose Improv Festival 2018/05/18 David Stellar, Charlie Stellar, Shara T, Jared P, Eric K, Clare B
Un-Scripted: DASH: Swipe Right 2018/02-2018/04 Brad Gottesman, Dana Cory, David Stellar, Charlie Stellar, Jared Abbott, ..
BATS: Epic Romance 2018/02/03 Ken Robertson, Rafe Chase, John Remak, David Madison Stellar, William Hall, ...
Un-Scripted: The Short & The Long of It 2017/09-2017/10 David Stellar, Andy Sarouhan, Christian Utzman, Merril Gruver, ...
TROUPE: Well Endowed 2016/9/13 - Present Artistic Director and Teacher
TROUPE: Attack of the Scenes 2016/12 - 2017/05 David Stellar, Rez Graham, Karen Brelsford, Ana Nelson, ..
DIRECT: Cave Match "3 Chairs 4 Laura" 2015/12-2016/01 David Stellar, Rez Graham, Laura Wachtel, Karen Brelsford
Visiting guest: Brody Theater Genre Mashup 2015/11/16 Guesting with the Brody Theater grad students using one of my formats
TROUPE: Out of Line 2014/05-2014/09 David Stellar, Basel Al‑Naffouri, Derek Yee, ...
DIRECT: "Prata-Fall" @ Herräng Camp 2014/07/26 David Stellar, Cat Foley, Åsa, Isabella, Dargoff, Florien
Un-Scripted: A Murder Mystery 2013/09/25 Clay Robeson, Dave Stellar, David Boyll, Jerry Ruoti, ..
Cave Match - "Sex, Lies and Improv" 2013/05/19 Rafe Chase, David Madison Stellar, Laura Wachtel, Jade Shipman
Cave Match - "The Standins" 2011/05/15 David Madison Stellar, Derek Yee, Michael Fleming, Rish Sanghvi
TROUPE: A Little Crazy 2011/03/11-12 David Madison Stellar, Derek Yee, Michael Fleming, Jon Ligon, Larissa Kasian
Un-Scripted: unscripted 2010/02-03 David Stellar, Clay Robeson, Alan Goy, Christian Utzman, ..
Improvised Western 2009/03/27-28 Rafe Chase, Channing Clarkson, David Stellar, Laura Wachtel, ..
BATS Hitchcock 2009/03/20-21 John Remak, Zoe Galvez, Rafe Chase, Kasey Klemm w/ Ken Robertson & David Madison
TROUPE: Improv On Our Own 2007/8/11 - 2009/9/27 Artistic Director

Studied Under

11/2007-present: Rafe Chase: Long-form weekly series
2008-present: BATS classes with Rafe Chase, Gerri Lawlor, Dave Dennison, John Remak, ..
2004-present: Improv On Our Own occasional group classes with:
Rafe Chase, Tim Orr, Stephen Kearin, Gerri Lawlor, ..

Film (non-theatrical)

Nomad Teacher Documentary (working title) Main subject Virginie Bourdin (in progress)
Swing! Interviewee (as David Madison) Susan Glatzer
Revolution O.S. Interviewee (as David Ljung) J.T.S. Moore
Steve Goode Corp. Video Dancer Steve Goode
It's All in a Nights Work (2005) Dancer Dan Frank

Special Abilities

Internationally renowned Lindy Hop and Blues dancer and teacher, computer geek, Skier, Snowboarder, Skater, can do own stunts, Time Magazine's Person Of The Year, 2006. Fluent in English, 英语 and Gibberish. Enjoys doing things that frighten him.

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