Photo Rights

To contact me about:

Photo Rights Pricing for photos from my domains:
Print Media (1 run, <50k prints) $100US
Print Media (>50k prints) $250US
Print Media (unlimited usage, <6 months) $200US
Print Media (unlimited usage, <1 year) $300US
Print Media (unlimited usage, >1 year) contact for more info
Web Page, other media contact for more info

Please send photo info and requested usage with payment:

I prefer paypal payment:  $

Otherwise send payment to:
  David Ljung Madison
  1553 Fulton St #1
  San Francisco, CA 94117

Rights are granted beginning the date payment is sent.

Other domains? I wrote some software that makes photo albums which is one of the top unix album generators. If you are looking at a photo that is not on or one of my other domains (list) then you should read this.


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